Reduce employee turnover through strategic recruitment, ensuring the acquisition of top talent and targeted training for each individual. Foster ongoing productivity among your team while ensuring precise and efficient performance evaluations based on predefined parameters.

HR Module Sub-Modules

HR Core

Handling all employee-related documents and official matters to define the employee profile including permits, assets, competency dictionary, job description management, checklist management, etc


Locating & hiring the best talents through a systematic procedure in a cost-effective manner with effective communication utilizing appropriate actions

Learning Management

Managing employees’ learning as a step towards developing their skills & competencies, reducing employee turnover, and increasing financial gain

Performance Management

Implementing regular review of employees’ job performance and overall contribution to a company to consolidate their accomplishments and weak areas

Career & Succession Planning

Gaining a projection for critical positions and becoming proactive towards risky turnovers while establishing clear and traceable roadmaps for each employee’s career path

Test & Survey Management

Creating quizzes & surveys with results’ automation to reduce time in questionnaire evaluation

Strategic Talent Optimization

Enhancing organizational performance through competency identification, assessment, and tracking.

Job Description Oversight

Crafting, updating, and managing clear communication of job roles and responsibilities.

Strategic Talent Acquisition

Hiring top talent through a systematic and profitable approach with effective communication.

Checklist Management

Creating and managing checklists to ensure consistent and accurate completion of tasks and processes.

Learning & Skills Management

Strategic learning management for enhanced employee development, reduced turnover, and business growth.

Performance Reviews

Strategic performance management for revealing strengths and improving competencies.

Career Path Mapping

Establishing clear and traceable roadmaps for each employee’s career path.

Strategic Succession Forecasting

Proactive talent management for critical roles.

Survey & Data-collection

Designing, conducting, and analyzing surveys for proficient data collection.

Efficient Test Automation

Streamlining quiz and survey execution for swift and automated results.

Asset Oversight

Comprehensive asset tracking for optimal periodic maintenance and clearance.

Permit Management

Efficient permit tracking, approval, and management for business compliance.

Get the best talents available

Reduce employee turnover by recruiting and hiring the best talents thanks to People365 Career Portal. You’ll be able to post job vacancies on a customized frontend that stays in line with your brand identity and where prospective talent can apply. Your HR managers and hiring team will be able to view and filter through applications in the easy-to-navigate backend. Through our applicant tracking system, you can also follow and monitor the recruitment process, assign interviews and provide feedback on each prospect

The right choice

Maximize your company’s Return on Employee Investment by assigning the right training to the right employee allowing them to develop the right skills to take the next step in their career. You can organize and store key courses on your People365 system, where teams can access courses in the self-service section, while managers can assign courses according to each employee’s needs, which are highlighted by the system

people365 Human resource management
people365 Time attendance stream

Increase Productivity

Keep your employees productive and guarantee accurate and efficient evaluation of their performance according to parameters you define, including duties, job objectives, competencies and more. You can even assign the importance and weight to each parameter that you can edit and reassess whenever needed

Stay on top of your job

Make sure your organization remains structured by inputting each position’s job title, allowing you to nurture your talent and recruit new ones, by defining reporting lines, responsibilities, objectives, competencies needed which can be used also for appraisal, career plan and more

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