As business policies and working environments are constantly changing, People365 Human Capital Management solution launched multiple solutions to help organizations face the challenges that are reshaping today’s Human Resources functions.


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Touchless clock-in solutions for secure office entries

People365 Mobility clock-in solutions can streamline hybrid work by providing a convenient and efficient way for employees to log their attendance from any location according to their schedules. With the ability to fill attendance records using their mobile device, employees can easily clock in and out regardless of their location. The system also utilizes a Geo-location and touchless tracking system, eliminating the need for a physical biometric attendance device. This streamlined clock-in process can help businesses save time and increase productivity by eliminating manual attendance tracking and reducing administrative tasks.

Employee Collection Survey

Because employees’ wellness is really important and may affect your organization's performance, People365 created a recurrent survey that you can run daily or weekly upon clock-in to check on your employees’ physical and mental health. Based on the survey data and attendance record history, the administration will figure out easily how to support its employees case by case.

Workforce capacity planning and scheduling

Through People365 Time & Workforce Management solution, recurrent shift policies and different clock-in capabilities, organizations will be able to plan their workforce capacity catering for hybrid and flexible work models and prioritizing attendance based on scheduling.


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