Keep track of your employees’ time attendance with real time information, while improving efficiency by smoothly implementing your organizational policies and automated schedules, with online access and management of leave requests anytime, anywhere for both small businesses and large enterprises.

Time Attendance Stream Highlights

Manage Time Attendance

Improve workflows by keeping track of employee time attendance, gaining real time information about presence, absences, breaks and extra hours.

Manage Leaves

Save up on time and improve efficiency as employees can request or view their leaves without the daily intervention of HR.

Schedules & Policies

Full adaptability by adding custom daily and hourly schedules improving efficiency, boosting productivity and preventing workplace disruption.

Self-Service with Ease

Save labor hours for employees and managers, while seamlessly using People365 HR software on desktop or mobile to request leaves, view working hours and make instant approvals.

Manage Workflows

Workflow and Alarms Management contribute to improving business efficiency, as well as making fewer administrative errors and enhancing communication.

Integrate Software & Device

Biometric Devices Integration and Management. Smoothly integrate our People365 system with a wide range of international biometric devices for a seamless punching experience.

Link with Payroll

Seamlessly link time attendance with payroll, which will allow you to easily budget and produce fair payroll for your team members.

Generate Smart Reports

Generate smart reports that will help you be more efficient on time, and reduce room for any human error that usually occurs.

Timesheet Allocation:

Track productivity and manage resources by allocating work hours efficiently with timesheets.

Timesheet allocation refers to the process of assigning and recording the time spent by employees on various projects and tasks within an organization. Typically, timesheet allocation involves tracking hours worked and assigning specific activities to different projects or clients.

This process is critical for effective project costing, as it provides a clear picture of how time and resources are being utilized across different areas of the organization. By accurately allocating time and resources, managers can make informed decisions about staffing, budgeting, and resource allocation, ultimately improving the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the organization.

Attendance logs:

Gain real-time insights into your employees’ Time & Attendance data.

The attendance log is an essential tool used by organizations to keep track of employee attendance and punctuality. These logs typically contain detailed records of employee arrival and departure times, as well as any absences or tardiness. They can be accessed by employees through a self-service portal, allowing them to check their own attendance records and identify any missing punch in/out entries.

This feature is particularly useful for employees who may have forgotten to clock in or out, as they can quickly identify any missing entries and notify their supervisor or HR department. By providing employees with easy access to their attendance logs, organizations can encourage greater accountability and transparency, helping to improve overall workforce management and productivity.


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