People365 Scheduling Module is a robust and comprehensive solution designed to address the challenges faced by managers in efficiently and effectively scheduling employee shifts and rotations based on workplaces and capacity rules.

This module offers a range of features and benefits that streamline the scheduling process, ensuring optimal coverage, compliance with work constraints, and improved workforce management.

Scheduling Module Key Features

Comprehensive Workforce Administration

Streamlining Official Holidays, Policies, Schedules, and Teams with User-Friendly Configuration.

Tracking Time

Historical Insights into Schedules, Opening Hours, and Exceptions for Informed Decision-Making.

Precise Workplace Management

Defining Opening Hours, Capacity, and Exceptions for Optimal Working Time Efficiency.

Strategic Workforce Governance

Implementing Leave, Required Hours, and Workplace Rotation Constraints for Efficient Operations. ​

Strategic Scheduling

Harmonizing Job Titles and Required Employee Hours for Optimal Workforce Planning.

Future-Ready Workforce Planning

Automating Team Scheduling Cycles with Predefined Monthly and Weekly Triggers.

Efficient Process Adjustments

Streamlining Rescheduling for Improved Workflow.

Transparent Workforce Management

Assess Ongoing Scheduling Processes for Evaluation and Comprehensive Coverage.

Optimizing Workforce Efficiency

Streamlining Shift Rotation and Scheduling with Automated Solutions and Predefined Settings.

Simplified Workforce Management

Effortless Scheduling and Team Assignment for Seamless Operations.

Effortless Workforce Transitions

Seamless Employee Transfers Across Schedules, Teams, and Official Holidays with Historical Tracking.

Manual Scheduling

Streamlined scheduling involves active manager oversight to efficiently allocate employees across workplaces within specific operating hours. This includes real-time insights into employee distribution, scheduled versus required hours, and workplace coverage. Managers can address errors and warnings, ensuring adherence to operational guidelines.

Dynamic adjustments are a key feature, allowing managers to modify, shift, swap, or replace schedules and workplace assignments. This user-friendly interface enables viewing schedules by employee or shifts across multiple weeks. Managers can easily assign or remove shifts, handle employee leaves, allocate leaves, and assess potential consequences. The system also highlights open shifts, errors, and warnings for quick resolution.

Employees access personalized calendars, while managers have authority to view and initiate scheduling based on specific triggers.

Scheduling Self-Service Business

To streamline the management of exceptions and enhance employee flexibility in selecting their preferred work shifts, People365 Scheduling Module empowers employees to:

People365 Scheduling Module addresses the complex challenges associated with
employee shift rotation and scheduling.

By offering automated processes, customizable setups, constraint management, historical tracking, and real-time visibility, the module empowers managers to efficiently manage their workforce schedules, leading to improved operational efficiency, employee satisfaction, and overall organizational performance.