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People365 delivers a new user experience and an innovative set of features within its Employee Self Service application to accelerate business performance.
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Today People365 runs on Microsoft Azure cloud services to gain productivity, save money and use automated scalable infrastructures for clients in need.

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People365 on premise and cloud is an HCM application that integrates all the human facets of the business including Time Attendance, Payroll, and Human Capital streams. Our HCM application is developed to facilitate the comprehensive management of every industry’s human capital.

Time Stream

Track employees’ working hours in real time, while improving efficiency by smoothly implementing your policies and automated schedules.

Pay Stream

Generate your payroll easily and access automated reports from a large variety of analytical and statistical payroll reports.

HR Stream

Recruit, hire and manage the best talent while assigning the right training to the right employee and efficiently evaluate their performance.

Slide Manage attendance and absences, paid and unpaid leaves, rigid and flexible shifts, schedules and policies and much more. New Layer Find out more Your day, your way. Slide Automatic calculation of salaries, deductions, benefits, allowances and taxes in a very dynamic formula based environment compliant worldwide. New Layer Find out more Tackle pay day
in an instant.
Slide Performance appraisals, talent management, recruitment portal, surveys, job allocations, organizational structures, certificates and approvals management. Find out more Take control.

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