USJ Adopts People365 Time Attendance & Mobility Clock-In Solutions to Optimize Workforce Management

Beirut, May 2023 – Saint Joseph University of Beirut (USJ), a leading educational institution dedicated to academic excellence and innovation, collaborated with People365, a leading provider of comprehensive HCM solutions to optimize its workforce management capabilities by leveraging People365’s cutting-edge Time Attendance and Mobility Clock-In solutions. This collaboration will enable USJ to streamline and enhance various aspects of employee management, including time attendance tracking, leave management, and scheduling, thereby fostering greater efficiency and productivity within the institution.

Following the Covid-19 pandemic, USJ recognized the importance of finding an optimal solution to effectively meet their varied business requirements. They aimed to implement a system that would not only ensure precise and efficient time tracking but also streamline attendance management policies for their workforce. After extensive workshops and meetings between the two teams, USJ management recognized the expertise, strong references in the industry, and configurability of People365’s solution, ultimately making the decision to adopt People365 Time Attendance and Mobility Clock-In Solutions. Employees in the educational field adhere to diverse shifts, schedules, and employment types, which can pose significant challenges in terms of managing attendance and ensuring accurate timekeeping. However, People365’s robust solutions will provide USJ with the necessary tools to effectively tackle these complexities. Furthermore, they will enable USJ to eliminate the need for additional investments in biometric hardware as employees will be able to conveniently clock in and out using their mobile applications.

Gladys Ghraichy, HR Manager at USJ stated:

“USJ has just joined our esteemed reference list within the education industry. The implementation of People365’s Time Attendance and Mobility Clock-In solutions at USJ is currently underway. After completion, People365 solutions will enable USJ to keep track of their employees’ time attendance with real time information, while improving efficiency by smoothly implementing organizational policies and automated schedules. Additionally, USJ employees and managers will be able to access and manage leave requests online, anytime and from anywhere. People365 strives to empower USJ’s pursuit of academic excellence by delivering innovative and user-friendly HR solutions that will optimize productivity and fuel organizational success.”


Maher Chahlawi, People365 CEO, commented:


“We’re proud to partner with Infor and bring our solutions to a wider market, including Infor customers that already have significant deployments of Infor ERP and HCM solutions. Our solutions represent a great fit with Infor’s. We expect to gain significant new business and help organizations in the region meet their HCM digital transformation goals in the areas of payroll and time management solutions.”

About USJ University:

Founded in 1875, Saint-Joseph University of Beirut (USJ) is a private Lebanese university offering education in various disciplines. With 13 faculties and 18 schools operating under its faculties, USJ provides education on its Beirut campuses and regional centers. The university is associated with the Hôtel-Dieu de France (HDF) hospital and manages several centers, including a Dental Care Center and a Center for Psychological Services. USJ is affiliated with several institutes and associations. Guided by its mission, USJ focuses on research, teaching, and service to society.
The university holds unconditional accreditation by the European educational accreditation institute ACQUIN since March 2019, boosting its ranking and offering various benefits, including enhanced employability for graduates, student mobility, and institutional partnerships with universities and international organizations. With its commitment to excellence and human progress, USJ remains dedicated to shaping a better future.
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About People365:

Being a leading HCM provider in the Middle East and Africa region, with over 32 years of experience, “People365” is a comprehensive Human Capital Management System (HCMS) consisting of the Time & Workforce Management, Payroll, HR, and Mobility modules. Having more than 1,200 references coming from leading companies in all types of industries, People365 is compliant with more than 72 countries’ rules and regulations. The system helps companies manage the complete work cycle, from headhunting human talents all the way to retirement. People365 operates both regionally and globally, covering the MENA region through offices in UAE, KSA, Egypt and Lebanon.
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