Cultivating a Human Centric Workplace

There’s a growing trend in the business world to encourage more human-centric work practices as a way to retain the best talents. The shift involves thinking about projects completed and tangible, performance-based activities instead of focusing on hours worked and location of employees. This strategy offers employees greater autonomy as well as flexibility inside and outside the office, and a higher level of engagement.

Work has changed, and it will never return to ‘normal’ again. Managers’ job is no longer to make sure their employees are fulfilling the required number of working hours. Their job now is to get the best out of their people by helping them grow and making them feel valued and trusted. Leaders and managers in the new work models are encouraged to communicate more with their team to better understand what they really want and need. Clear communication is also a must in hybrid arrangements to avoid misunderstandings and improve productivity. The future of your business depends on your people. The more you invest in them and develop them, the more they will be ready to succeed today and in the future no matter the challenges that may arise.

Human-centric management can be attained through adopting an HCM solution that supports this approach. The right HCM solution helps understand the needs of the employees. It also allows organizations to improve employee engagement by providing tools for employee tracking, rewards, engagement, and motivation. When partnering with a leader HCM solution, organizations will be able to measure, plan and direct the training and upskilling of employees. The system allows companies to achieve maximum employee productivity by using data and analytics to make sure they are achieving their business goals.

If your company isn’t yet fully human-centric, consider making some changes today in terms of offering flexibility and development opportunities as well as adopting a suitable HCM solution, so you can attract and retain top talents.