On Premise or Cloud Hosting?

HR systems are vital for managing and monitoring your employees, especially nowadays as things are changing quickly and organizations need to response inevitably to remote business operations. You definitely wish to be among the HR teams that adapt fast to the ongoing changes, and a big part of this revolves around whether your HR systems are hosted On-Premise or in the Cloud.


Cloud Hosting for Your HR Systems

The number of organizations hosting their HR systems in the cloud by a third-party vendor has been increasing for the flexibility it offers. When choosing this option, the organization will benefit from the availability of admins and developers to tackle any issue and minimize downtime. Also, the company will benefit from instant provision for out-of-hours and emergency support. With instant provisioning, any time spent on installation and configuration is eliminated and users are able to access the system right away.

It is no surprise that cloud hosting has been growing in popularity especially in our unpredictable world. As user numbers increase with the growth of the company, you can seamlessly upscale without having to manage the process yourself. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about software upgrades, security patches and infrastructure updates as your hosting partner will support you with that. Data can be backed up in the cloud with great consistency, and workers can connect from anywhere using their respective devices.



Opting for managed cloud hosting is ideal for various organizations especially those who deliver HR services to a global team, so employees in any country won’t be left without services for hours in case something goes wrong. It also allows you to keep your employees’ data safe and your HR systems running smoothly all the time.

On-Premise Hosting for Your HR Systems

Some companies prefer having exclusive control on their HR systems, so they go for on-premises solutions that are installed on a company’s servers and behind its firewall. If you have extremely sensitive data and an IT infrastructure, you’d rather keep your data in your in-house servers. When adopting on-premises solutions, data storage would be completely restricted from anyone other than the authorized personnel. On-premise solutions are reliable, secure and allow organizations to maintain a level of control.

Additionally, on-premises servers provide you with an internal network that is accessible anytime, without the need for an internet connection. They are also highly customizable giving organizations the freedom to create their own data center and share information with team members, regardless their location.

On-premises servers are a great solution for large organizations rather than new businesses that expect to quickly grow, and they help create complex networks for remote operations.

When attempting to facilitate remote business operations, the most important step is to choose an adaptable HR technology. In the near future, organizations will be digitally-led, so moving in response to market change is a strategic imperative. Some organizations will choose on-premises data centers, while others would go for the cloud hosting. In fact, the larger and more experienced your IT team, the easier it will be to self-host, whereas smaller organizations will likely prefer the simplicity of managed hosting.

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