Home became the new office!

Many companies all over the world have recently made an immediate shift to remote work. Offices were closed amidst the pandemic and mandatory work-from-home was adopted by most of the workforce. With that move, People365 came up with solutions to make sure that shifting to remote work would be successful and productive, and that your employees would be able to connect and collaborate easily.

Here’s a new module that helped our customers overcome some of the challenges that resulted from switching to a suddenly remote workforce.




The anytime anywhere office!

Why limit your employees’ performance to location and working hours when they can have access to information at any time and any place? Allow your employees to stay tuned, respond quickly to queries and serve themselves through our Mobility App.

Mobile Clock-in:

Designed for Work from home!

Working From Home employees can now clock in and out marking their availability using People365 mobile clock-in.

Employee Self-Service:

Have you got a request? Serve yourself!

Employees can now take care of various human resources-related and job-related functions such as accessing their payroll, schedules, and company benefits information as well as applying for leaves and reimbursement and making updates to their personal information.