Arabia Insurance Selects People365 to Improve Business Performance Through HCM Digital Transformation

Beirut, Lebanon- April 2023 – Arabia Insurance Company SAL, a renowned insurance company present across 8 territories, announced the adoption of People365 Time Attendance, Payroll, Geo-location check-in and Core HR solutions to help meet its long-term strategic and operational goals. Arabia Insurance Company SAL will use People365 to make informed, real-time business decisions and manage their 500 employees efficiently.

When replacing their existing HR solution with People365 HCM solution, Arabia Insurance Company SAL aimed to consolidate and centralize their HR functions across all entities in Lebanon, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait. Through People365 Payroll Module, they will ensure compliance with all rules and regulations in their countries of operations. Arabia Insurance will also enable the HR department to manage all schedules and absences rules through the Time Attendance Module. As for their employees, they will be able to clock in without the need to invest in hardware and biometrics using People365 clock-in mobile solutions, providing flexibility and ease of use. People365’s integrated system will eliminate redundant processes and offer more time for Arabia Insurance’s HR to focus on strategic practices rather than time consuming manual processes.

Mr. Elie Khoury,
CEO of Arabia Insurance Company SAL

“We are delighted to formally announce Arabia Insurance’s alliance with People365, one of the market leaders in HCM digital transformation within different verticals, including several references in the insurance industry. We believe that People365 will provide scalable and agile solutions supporting our business benefits such as cost effectiveness, automating processes to boost productivity, standardized approaches to compliance, etc. After checking several HCM solutions, we figured out that People365 addresses the challenges of the insurance industry.”


Commenting on this partnership,

People365 CEO, Mr. Maher Chahlawi,



“The insurance industry is in constant change, and organizations must be agile and react at speed to stay ahead of the competition. People365 is committed to constant product development and adoption of the latest trends to meet all the industry’s business needs. We are sure that our solutions’ capabilities as well as expertise will grant leading digital transformation and effective talent management for Arabia Insurance.”

About Arabia Insurance:
With a strong presence in several Arab countries and over 75 years of experience in the insurance industry, Arabia Insurance Company SAL has become a synonym to trust, great customer care, and peace of mind. Established in 1944, the company’s continuity and success rely on our unique customer’s centricity approach, our customized solutions, and our flexible business model meeting our client’s ever-changing needs. Arabia Insurance’s services include life, medical, home, motor, travel, and property insurance as well as other different coverages.

About People365:
Being a leading HCM provider in the Middle East and Africa region, with over 32 years of experience, “People365” is a comprehensive Human Capital Management System (HCMS) consisting of the Time & Workforce Management, Payroll, HR, and Mobility modules. Having more than 1,200 references coming from leading companies in all types of industries, People365 is compliant with more than 72 countries’ rules and regulations. The system helps companies manage the complete work cycle, from headhunting human talents all the way to retirement. People365 operates both regionally and globally, covering the MENA region through offices in UAE, KSA, Egypt and Lebanon.