People365 is a leading Human Capital Management Solution for all your employee management needs all the way from hiring to retiring including Time and Workforce Management, Payroll and HR solutions.

people365 HR consultant

Human Capital Management

People365 is your all-inclusive Human Capital Management (HCM) that will seamlessly answer all of your employee management demands. With over thirty years of experience, our team has always strived to provide its clients with peace of mind thanks to a centralized human resources system that encompasses key services like Time and Workforce Management, Payroll and HR.


Operating across the globe, in more than twenty-five countries, People365 empowers human capital across industries with its adaptable features according to your organization’s sector and geographical location, making it a leading HCM provider and HR consultant in the region.


 Time Transactions per Day

People365 has become a pivotal pillar for organizations across the globe.



Our HCM has been shaped to answer the various needs of a multitude of industries in terms of sector and size.


Payroll Generation

A seamless and adaptable software that is compliant to the laws and regulations of over 72 countries.



Used by HR managers and employees alike, who have made People365 an integral part of their work life.

What can People365 offer you?

Fully Integrated Human Resource Management System (HRMS)

Integration with leading biometric devices

Swift Implementation and Go Live

More than 27 years of R&D

people365 Employee management software

Rich and out of the box features

Adapted features by vertical

Leading HR consultants

15 years+ Average Customer Retention

Manage workload and enhance employees’ work-life balance

Time and Workforce Management Stream

People365’s flexible solution allows you to assign any type of attendance rules and policies to all kind of contracts, with ability to plan schedules ahead of time and align different shifts.

people365 Time attendance stream

Secure calculations of salary, benefits overtimes and compensation

Payroll Stream

Payroll stream encrypts all sensitive numbers, integrates with attendance and leaves to calculate all earnings and deductions, connects to your accounting system to fill payroll expenses, and finally automates bank transactions each month to fulfill all the pay process.

Digital handling of employee on-boarding, life cycle and termination

Human Resources Stream

People365 takes care of employees from hire to retire, recruitment portal, onboarding checklists, performance appraisals end of service and employee termination.

people365 Human Resources Stream
people365 Work remotely

Close the gap between employees and management

Mobility Solution

Give employees and managers the ability to request or approve any leave on web or mobile and minimize HR inquiries by showing employees the needed data and company news while on the move.

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