Employee management software

We are proud to announce the launching of People365 Geolocation check-in under the Mobility Solution

‘People365’ by SETS, has come up with a revolutionary approach in the time and workforce management and access control industry, through its newly released People365 Mobility solution offering Geolocation check-in capabilities, allowing employees to easily check-in to saved locations, using their mobile phones.

This solution was initially planned to be launched end of Q2 2020, however our development team worked around the clock to release, in order to respond to the urgent market need for contactless systems due to the global epidemic coronavirus disease, known to spread through shared contact with contaminated surfaces.That brings us to the “Geolocation check-in” authentication system, which is totally contactless from the enrollment process to authentications, where no part of a person is ever needed to come in contact with an infected reader. With the Geo location feature, companies can control where and when employees can clock-in and out.

At People365, we are fully committed to the community well-being by raising awareness on the importance of contactless devices and providing alternative solutions for businesses, hospitals and governmental institutions, in these critical times, as a way to prevent the disease to spread on a national level.