People365 partners with BMB Group

People365 HR solution

People365 enters into a strategic partnership with BMB Group to fulfill the HCM digitalization needs of their international clients.

Cairo, November 9th, 2021. People365 and BMB Group announced today that the companies have entered into a strategic partnership that will boost digital transformation; specifically, HCM digitalization, as a response to the market and clients’ needs towards the evolving work demands.

With more than two decades of experience and over 400 dedicated employees, BMB Group has become a trusted global business technology specialized in delivering high availability solutions and services that span across the spectrum of ICT in the EMEA region. In order to better serve their clients and to provide them with more solutions to facilitate their work, BMB Group aims to hold more partnerships with the most prominent technology partners in the field. Thus, they decided to partner with People365 offering their customers a leading HCM solution for improved processes, increased efficiency, reduction of employee turnover and more.

With over 30 years of experience, People365 is a comprehensive Human Capital Management System (HCMS) consisting of the Time & Workforce Management, Payroll, HR and Mobility modules delivered on Cloud as well as on premise. People365’s development strategy is to expand and strengthen their geographic presence and business development in order to serve more enterprises as well as small and medium businesses.

People365 is committed to transforming the way organizations in the Middle East and Africa perform through digitalizing HR processes and the automation of the workforce management. People365 is confident that this partnership will be of added value to the customers and will transform the way their businesses operate as they will be relying on leading channel partners in the industry.

Commenting on this partnership, Maher Chahlawi, CEO of People365 stated: “This strategic partnership is a great opportunity for both companies. We always aim to reach new markets and new clients, and we couldn’t have selected a better host. BMB Group has proven to deliver the highest standards of service and product offerings, that’s why this partnership will be of added value to their customers as they will be provided with an HCM solution to fill skill gaps, optimize workforces, and address many types of company HR challenges.”

Amine Soueidy, GM at BMB Move, added: “We are happy to be partnering with People365, a well proven HCM solution that comes as a great fit to complement our wide portfolio of solutions. Hybrid work mode, which came as a result of the pandemic, is set to stay and it offers tremendous opportunities to develop human capital & workforce solutions across all verticals to bring value to BMB’s clients across the EMEA region.”

HCM technology became fundamental and affects the value delivered by businesses to both their employees and customers. The right HCM solution enables businesses to streamline HR processes and saves the company time and money, both of which should be considered for its ROI.
Through this partnership, customers will be able to benefit from both companies’ expertise in their HR digital transformation journey.