Improve the overall lines of communication within your organization thanks to highly engaged employees with real time information access while giving the ability for your human resources managers to focus on the company strategic objectives.

Mobility Solution Highlights

Real Time Request

Allow employees to access real time information about their schedules, leaves and holidays. Team members will be able to track their time attendance, request leaves any time, anywhere, while also checking for approval of all queries made.

Team Overview

Make the lives of your managers easier thanks to the Approval Workflow. This allows managers to have an overview to all requests related information in one screen, helping them make better and faster decisions.

Human Resources Management

Give your human resources managers the room to focus on more pressing HR related strategies and issues by decreasing employee queries.

Streamlined Communication

Improve the overall lines of communication within your organization thanks to highly engaged employees, and better data collection, processing and analysis.

Web Application

Mobility application is available and compatible with all web browser, responsive on all screen sizes.

Mobile Application: iOS & Android

You can download People365 application from Appstore or Playstore.

Simple & Easy to use

Mobility will ensure user engagement and boost adoption with the design and UX implemented for simplicity and familiarity.

The right package for you

Clock-in Types & Business Needs

Mobile Clock-In

Clock in while working from home

Geolocation Clock-In

Clock in to Geo preset locations

Wi-Fi Clock-In

Clock in when connected to an office Wi-Fi network

QR Code Clock-In

Clock in by scanning a code on any tablet or mobile

Web Clock-In

Clock in on the web and map it to your active directory log-in

Mobile Clock-in

Designed for Work from home:

Working From Home employees can now Clock in and out marking their availability using People365 mobile Clock-in. The Application is also available in Arabic, with Hijri time and date.

Geolocation Clock-in

People365 Mobility Solution offers the possibility for employees to clock in using their personal phones. With the NEW Geo location feature, companies can control where and when employees can clock in and out.

people365 Geo-location check-in

Multiple locations and radius targeting:

Set multiple office locations and/or project sites using the app settings. Each location is defined by Google Maps Latitude and Longitude coordinates, site name and address. For added accuracy, a radius of choice, to target a specific distance around the location address.

Detect employee location and match it to the closest site:

When an employee hits the office or site, the Mobility app uses their mobile location services to detect the closest office and checks if they are inside a saved radius. When outside the radius, the user will not be able to clock in.

Automated Clock-in Process:

Actions taken during Clock-in process

1. The application recognizes the user

2. Photo is taken

3. Confirmation of clock-in permitted to target location

4. Clock-in time saved

5. Match with user schedule and policies and kick off shift.

Note: Users locations are not tracked when the application is not in use or running in background. User can choose to turn location on, when in use only. When user clicks on ‘Locate Me’, the application uses phone’s GPS and mobile network to pin location on the map and mobile location stops.

View Attendance entries:

Employees can view their Clock-in and out entries by time and location. Entries are infinite and available for viewing at any time later.

QR Code Clock-in

Easy QR Clock-in:

Clock in with a QR code from a tablet or mobile through a touchless process and save your employee’s entry by tablet name. Employees can clock in to any of the enterprise departments and updates will be available regarding their Clock-in time, location and availability.

Step 1:

Multiple locations, each tablet is a reader: Admin defines each tablet’s name and settings to match its location, and add who can clock in to each of these tablets.

Step 2:

Employee scans QR code from the tablet, the application detects tablet’s name and location and saves employee’s attendance.

Step 3:

3. The tablet automatically reloads a new QR code for the next employee.

These clock-in solutions are NOW available as an all-in-one package during these difficult times.

Get in touch now to take advantage of all the People365 Mobility App clock-in bundles and our team will take you through this offer and tell you how People365 Human Capital Management solution can help boost your business.