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People365 Helping Construction Companies with Their Digital Transformation Journey

30+ experience in the Construction Industry

Catering the needs of 68K+ employees in the construction sector

Features and benefits for your construction business:

• Flexible human capital management processes
• Easily implemented multi-schedules
• Single unified interface
• Optimized hiring and onboarding process
• Accurate and configurable time and attendance management
• Payroll automation and compliance with labor laws and regulations
• Automated regulatory reports, compliant with government requirements

• Employee self-service access
• Maintain a register of skills & qualifications
• Employee time-off and vacations tracking
• Employee performance tracking
• Access to meaningful insights
• Digitalization of HR processes
• Employee compliance with all trainings and certifications

Construction companies can become more efficient through People365 leading HCM solution.

Multiple shifts:

Manage and set different shifts and schedules and allocate resources across multiple locations and work sites seamlessly.

Work hours Tracking:

Track workers attendance across multiple construction sites in different geographical locations through clock-in solutions via mobile/tablet enabling employees to log their shifts from any worksite including remote sites.


Prevent errors and save time by automating HR processes as well as overtime calculation and generating accurate payroll.

Managing your team on the go:

Employee Self-service feature enables team members to request leaves, check their leave balance and requests’ status from any place and at any time. It also enables managers to respond to their teams’ requests and gain real-time visibility of when and where employees clock in and out.

Skilling and upskilling

Managing skills, certifications and trainings including on-the job training, safety trainings, etc. enabling construction companies to benefit from workers skills allocation to assign the right employee with the right skills on each required shift.

Data availability & security:

Have the workers schedules, locations, documents, and reports at your fingertips, saving hours on finding data. Also, secure data and file storage by choosing the Cloud-based solution.

Manage all employment related processes easily including staff records, time and attendance, payroll, skills & qualifications and more.

People365 key features:

People365 ensures greater efficiency through organizing every essential human capital management function for a contractor, from talent acquisition through tracking professionals as they work on multiple active jobsites.

Business Benefits Gained Through People365:

Improved employee efficiency

reduced compliance cost

reduced payroll errors & processing time

better-connected workplaces

savings in payroll, HCM, time tracking and absence areas

Discover People365 best practices for enhancing the construction employees experience