People365 Covid-19 Pandemic Control Solutions Available in all languages

As business policies and working environments are constantly changing, now more than ever with the COVID-19 implications, People365 recently launched multiple solutions to help organizations face the challenges that are reshaping today’s HR functions.


English, Arabic, French and others

     Web, Android & IOS

Cloud & On Premise

Swift Implementation

(same day usage)

Integration with any existing application

Touchless clock-in solutions for secure office entries

People365 Mobility clock-in solutions will allow employees to fill attendance records using their mobile through a Geo-location tracking system, touchless, without the need to install a biometric device minimizing the risk of contaminated surfaces.

Covid-19 employees health data collection survey

Organizations will be able to run a recurrent survey daily or weekly upon clock-in to check on their employees’ physical and mental health, while being notified whenever needed to solve situations including contaminations, quarantine management or taking necessary security measures. All survey questions must be filled in order for employees to clock-in along with their testing data and historical contacts. Based on the survey data and attendance record history, administration will figure out easily what area or office to quarantine or disinfect whenever an employee is injured or at risk.

Workforce capacity planning and scheduling

Flexible schedules and work from home policies can be easily applied using People365 Time and Workforce Management solution through the system recurrent shift policies and Work From Home clock-in capabilities. Organizations will be able to plan their workforce capacity ensuring safe distancing and prioritizing attendance based on scheduling.


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