• Gather employees’ detailed information.
  • Define locations, languages, currencies, positions, job titles, employment history, and others.
  • Define all entities and organization units of the holding.
  • Service level agreement that governs the service engagement.
  • Work for multiple currencies, multiple shifts and schedules.
  • Work for multiple pay regulations daily for part-time and full-time employees and pay groupings (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly).
  • Handle online self- service (Leave & Loan requests, Pay slip, Holidays, Annual Leave balances).
  • Manage vacations, holidays, and sick leaves.
  • Work under multi-lingual environments.
  • Handle a systematic recruitment process.
  • Associate employees with appropriate payroll regulations.
  • Assign employees to schedules, monitor their attendance and manage their vacations.
  • Retain employees through guiding their career paths, assigning them appropriate trainings, and conducting periodical performance appraisals for efficient development planning.
Agile Scrum Software Development Methodology

In 2013, SETS adopted the Agile Scrum Software Development Methodology to accelerate the delivery of initial business value, and through a process of continuous planning and feedback, we were able to ensure that value is continually maximized throughout the development process.

As a result, iterative planning teams were able to easily adapt to changing requirements when using a software system that better addresses their business and customers’ needs.

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