Consistent accuracy and error-free computations are the basis upon which trust and confidence are built within financial decision makers. This allows solid strategic planning and foreseeing of the financial direction of their company. With these fundamentals in mind, the People 365 Payroll Stream complies with any legislation, generates payrolls through reliable and streamlined wizards, and prints pay slips and official reports, thereby eliminating messy paperwork and manual computations.


  • Company & Country Regulations
  • Multiple Language & Currency System
  • Multiple Pay Period Process
  • Grade Definition
  • Payroll Wizard Generation
  • Official Financial / NSSF Reports
  • Link to Accounting Application
  • Bank and Accounting Transfer
  • End of Service Indemnity Provision & Settlement Rules
  • Social Security Rules Management
  • Tax Exemptions & Rules Management


  • Allows the user to fully operate the various payroll information and related transactions while complying with various governmental regulations.
  • Organizes, integrates, and simplifies complex payroll processes through an automated payroll generation wizard.
  • Provides an impressive reporting database that adheres to all the local official requirements.
  • Caters for customized and automated reports, with the ability of saving filtered criteria for recurrent use.
  • Creates an environment of secure data management and transactions.
  • Allows the transfer of salaries to banks based on a user-defined interface.


Fully complied with different governmental regulations
  • The ability to set up the payroll system according to any country's rules and regulations through a highly parameterized interface.
Automated payroll generation wizard
  • Reducing processing time of payroll generation.
Intuitive system processing
  • Facilitating the work environment through different features.
Customized and automated reports
  • Catering for a large variety of analytical and statistical payroll reports, in addition to authorized official reports.
Covers all pay types (insurance, transportation, overtime, ...)
  • Catering for all sorts of payroll units.
Secure data management and transactions
  • Maintains the most complex encryption safeguards to support sensitive data management and transactions.
Robust Bank and Accounting transactions
  • Ability to transfer payroll calculations to any external accounting system, along with the ability to transfer to any bank according to different preset format. 
Simple User Interface
  • The Payroll stream is a user friendly application that speeds up user's work and is more attractive for non-technical people.
Q:Is it feasible to manage different regulations?

Yes you can easily define multiple regulations and relate them to the appropriate branches or departments.

Q:How long does it take to generate payrolls?

In one day the payroll can be generated, checked, approved, and sent to the accounting software, as well as the banks.

Q:Can the client set in one database multi regional payroll settings?

Yes, you can define multiple regulations and relate them to the appropriate branch or department accordingly.

Q:Do you pay fair allowance?
Yes, and People 365 has a complete (Air / travel) Fair Allowance Management System.
Q:Do you have cost center?

Yes and payroll generation can be performed accordingly.

Q:Does  the payroll application covers multi entity?


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