3D Face Reader for Workforce Management

Reduce Administration Operations, Increase Productivity and Enhance Security.

With Morpho 3D Face Reader solutions and the 3D FastPass enterprises can keep corporate assets safe and restricted areas secure from unauthorized access while quickly granting entrance to personnel. In addition to enhancing security, 3D face recognition also improves administration of time and attendance systems by reducing administrative costs and increasing productivity.
Enterprises no longer have to worry about the accuracy of time sheets and personnel can concentrate on higher value activities. Through the use of 3D face recognition in conjunction with a Time and Attendance system or access control system, enterprises can automatically and in realtime validate employees and know who is on a particular site with a credential that cannot be shared or lost –each person’s unique facial structure.
Enterprises can rely on biometrics to help them eliminate paper-based time sheets which are time consuming, prone to date entry errors and that must be verified individually by managers. Enterprises can also connect biometric access verification to automatically extend human resource efficiency and functionality. An example is customizing time sheet categorizations such as codes for recording reasons for office hour departures such as client meetings, doctor’s visits and more. These codes can be recorded through a time and attendance system as personnel are granted biometric access into and out of sites.



Convenient and accurate authentication through biometrics allow enterprises to:

  • Manage time leakage and increase productivity.
  • Make real-time attendance records available anytime.
  • Eliminate paper-based time sheets.
  • Automate customized human resource functions.
  • Track employee hours across multiple and remote sites more easily.
  • Provide fast and secure access for high volume shift changes.
  • Eliminate “buddy punching”.
  • Enhance security for enterprises and privacy for users

User Friendly, Contactless Biometrics Access:
Using a 3D FastPass is easy and ergonomically friendly as the system relies on contactless biometrics – your facial structure. No close contact such as iris scans or fingerprinting is required. Simply stand in front of a 3D FastPass and you will be authenticated in under a second. This is ideal for high volume traffic areas of an enterprise, such as shift changes at employee entrances.

Private, Unique and Made for Time & Attendance:
The three-dimensional face geometry-based algorithms used for recognition on the Morpho 3D face reader are only utilized for time and attendance and security purposes. The data is not interoperable with other types of systems, and cannot be captured without the subject’s knowledge or cooperation.
Employees are also ensured privacy concerning their biometric credentials as no other person can utilize
another person’s three-dimensional facial structure. Enterprises benefit from increased security to property and assets due to these unique aspects of 3D face recognition.

Control Access Levels and Centralize
Access Terminations:
Administrators do not need to worry about shared or lost access credentials such as cards and PINs. With Morpho 3D face reader solutions and the 3D FastPass, changing access levels and deleting a terminated employee’s template is centralized, paperless and convenient, ensuring they no longer have access to company property and assets.
Simply delete the facial record from the central access control system – there is no need to request individual managers or different site managers to complete this, or track down cards for disposal.

Grant Temporary Access:
Temporary personnel, contractors or visitors can also be enrolled once with biometrics and through a central
access control system be given temporary access to specific sites or areas for a few hours or days repeatedly. With 3D face recognition, this is accomplished without having to reconnect with users to collect cards or reissue PINs at each occurrence – simply change the access level options for biometric template.

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